Fishing Academy

Teaching the Next Generation

Our Big Blue team is happy to announce the foundation of the first Fishing Academy in South Africa.

We are going to teach children the joys of sport-fishing, all on our own vessels. No need for the parents to charter or own a boat themselves and make this a costly learning curve.

We are very fortunate to claim that our passion is also our profession. We like to teach that passion to the next generation in order to contribute to the future of our sport

Experience of a Lifetime

Not all parents, uncles, grandfathers own a boat. Therefore we, in our quieter time of the year, would like to fill in the gap for these “unfortunate” children who do not have the right possibilities and will teach them the “ways”. Needless to say that for the most them this will be an experience of a lifetime.

During the trips we supply all the necessary safety equipment (life jacket for each child, first aid kit, safety kit, safety checks etc.) and will take care that your beloved will return every way the same as they left. The only difference will be that they probably will be hooked on fishing forever.

We will only sail in fair weather conditions and will not venture too far out. The chance of seasickness is therefore quite small, however always possible.

Fishing 101

Learn about:

  • Safety at Sea
  • Boats, engines and electronics
  • Fishing tackle, fishing knots, bait, lures, hooks, lines, etc.
  • Different techniques of fishing.
  • Fish species, other sea life and environment.
  • Behaviour regarding living creatures and the respect to show for them.
  • Sea state, temperatures, tides and currents.

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Charter Info

  • The minimum is 4 and the maximum is 8 students per trip. Max. two parents can come to assist, if desired.

  • The trips will take around 2  – 3  hours.

  • We will supply all the fishing gear, tackle and bait, a cool drink and some snacks.

  • Departure times : 09.00 and/or 12.00 every possible day.

  • Reservation required.

  • Period: June. July, August, September.

  • Costs 800 ZAR per student per trip. Joining parents, willing to help out, free of charge.

  • Minimum age 8 year, max. 16 year.

  • All tuition fees be paid upfront and before departure of the  boat.

  • A liability waver has to be signed before departure.

  • Terms & Conditions apply.

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